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How I Can Help You

Are things more of a struggle than you'd like?  Tired of trying to keep other people happy but treating yourself harshly?  Are you often exhausted, constantly busy, and have little time for you?  Then I'm here to help.  

How Can I Help?

Everyone can go through difficult times and struggle at points in their lives.  I am trained and experienced in offering different forms of psychological (talking) therapy which allow people to find emotional relief and to feel more balanced and in control of their lives.  I specialise in acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT), compassion-focussed (CFT), and schema therapy.  My passion and expertise lies particularly in working with women facing difficulties with self-esteem, people-pleasing or perfectionism, and emotional struggles including anxiety, depression and anger.  You can find out more about the process of therapy with me in my blog.

I offer weekday appointments between 9am and 4pm.  Most appointments are held online to help fit around your schedule, with a limited number of face to face sessions in Bromley (BR7) also available.  

I usually work with people over a period of months or sometimes longer.  Rarely, people may only need short term work (around 6-12 sessions) if the problem they are experiencing is new and limited in impact.  The length of therapy will always be guided by your needs and how you are finding it.  We'll check in regularly throughout the therapy to make sure we are heading in the right direction for you.  


Attending therapy might feel a bit anxiety-provoking at first.  Please know that this is totally normal and to be expected, especially if you have never had any therapy before.  Rest assured that I understand that most people will feel anxious during their first appointments, and I will always try to make you feel at ease when we speak. 

To get a better feel for what therapy with me is like, have a look at the testimonials provided by people I have worked with.  You can also arrange a free call with me to see if I would be a good fit for you.

About Online Therapy

I am currently offering most of my therapy online.  I use Cliniko or Google Meet as they are both safe and simple to use.  Following the emergence of Covid-19, many people are now attending their therapy online.  However, online therapy is not a new approach and many people have been choosing this style of therapy for a considerable amount of time.  For some, it might be about child care, difficulties travelling or preferring to be seen in their own home, for example.  It is important that your therapy setting is right for you and it is worth taking some time to make sure that you will be able to access your online appointments in a place that feels safe and where you won’t worry about being disturbed or overheard.  You will also need a good quality internet connection - a normal home Wifi broadband is usually fine. Cliniko and Google Meet can both be accessed from smartphones, tablets and computers.  Where possible I would recommend that you use a computer or tablet rather than a smaller-screened phone.

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