How I Can Help You

I am a compassionate therapist who can help you to move forwards and to feel better

How Can I Help?

All people experience distress at times in their lives.  I am trained and experienced in offering different forms of individual and couples talking therapy which allow people to make sense of and address their difficulties.  In my work I draw predominantly upon acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT), psychodynamic and compassion-focussed (CFT) models of therapy.  That said, there is no one-size-fits-all method when it comes to therapy and my approach will always be unique to the person or couple and what they need in that moment.  

Sometimes people may only need short-term work (around 6-12 sessions) if the problem they are experiencing is quite new and limited in impact.  Short-term work may also be suitable for those looking to develop specific coping skills and strategies to manage a pre-existing issue. 


For long-standing issues or those with significant impact across the person's life, usually a longer-term approach to therapy is helpful.  I often work with people who have experienced a sense of things not being right, anxiety or depression, that comes and goes over a number of years or decades.  I also work with people where a recent trauma, illness or other specific trigger such as work-related stress or relationship difficulties have led them to seek help.  Sometimes people come to therapy because they feel controlled by their emotions or unable to cope with the magnitude of their feelings.  Whatever the reason for you reaching out, we will work together - gently and at your pace - to make sense of the experiences you have had, and your feelings and thoughts now.  We will gradually build a picture of your life together, making links between the past and present, and across the different areas of your life now.  I will offer feedback and suggestions about the things that I notice as we go.  Over the course of our work together we will explore new ways of understanding and approaching things that will help you to handle the difficult things that life throws at you in better and more helpful ways.  This will help you to build a much greater sense of wellbeing, increase your abilities to cope, and develop your self-understanding. 

About Online Therapy

I am currently offering all of my therapy online.  I use Skype or Google Meet as they are both safe and simple to use.  Following the emergence of Covid-19, many people are now attending their therapy online.  However, online therapy is not a new approach and many people have been choosing this style of therapy for a considerable amount of time.  For some, it might be about child care, difficulties travelling or preferring to be seen in their own home, for example.  It is important that your therapy setting is right for you and it is worth taking some time to make sure that you will be able to access your online appointments in a place that feels safe and where you won’t worry about being disturbed or overheard.  You will also need a good quality internet connection - a normal home Wifi broadband is usually fine.  Skype and Google Meet can both be accessed from smartphones, tablets and computers.  Where possible I would recommend that you use a computer or tablet rather than a smaller-screened phone.