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Thea Women's Therapy Service

A therapy service for women aged 25-65

Specialist Support for Women's Mental Health 

  • Do you find yourself struggling emotionally? Maybe you feel anxious, down, overwhelmed or angry?

  • Do you doubt yourself or your abilities to cope?

  • Do you feel like your life isn’t going the way you wanted it to?  Like you’re not being the person you thought you would be or used to be? Maybe you feel like a spectator in your own life?


You may find the struggle or doubt is linked to a specific area of your life, such as your relationships, health or work.  It might be linked to life changes that we go through, such as motherhood or menopause.  Or it may be a more general pattern that impacts across your life as a whole.  

If any of this sounds familiar then you are not alone and help is at hand.


Thea Women’s Therapy Service was born out of a desire to support women through times of emotional difficulty and to empower them to take positive steps forward towards a more confident and enjoyable life.  I know from the many women I have worked with - as well as from personal experience - what it is like to struggle and not know how to move forward.  Now, as a Clinical Psychologist, I know that there are therapies that help. 


Psychological therapy with my service will help you to: 

  • Understand your thoughts, feelings, brain and body better

  • Learn evidence-based strategies for handling difficult feelings, thoughts and physical sensations that hold you back and push you around

  • Drop the struggle and let go of self-doubt

  • Achieve more balance in your life - and with it more feelings of peace and safety

  • Develop a deeper confidence in yourself and more resilience to life’s knocks

  • Identify what a satisfying, meaningful life would look like to you - and how to take steps towards it.


Sessions are held online to fit around your commitments.  If you would like to explore more, or chat about the issues you’re facing and how I can help, I offer free, confidential, 20-minute introductory calls.  Book yours now.


*By 'women' I am referring to all women, including transgender women 

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