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Promoting Women's Mental Health and Well-being Through Therapy

Are you tired of feeling anxious, depressed or angry?
Is constantly trying to please people, or trying to get everything right, wearing you out? 
Does your life look alright on paper, but at times you can't help but feel that you’re not good enough or failing somehow?
Does saying 'no' to people feel painfully hard?

Do you wish you could make decisions based more on what you want, rather than being led by your fears or what other people want?

If you are answering  'yes' to any of the above then you are not alone and help is at hand.


Thea Psychology was born from my desire to help women struggling with these issues to feel better in themselves and to empower them towards a more self-confident and enjoyable life.  I know from the many women I have worked with - as well as from personal experience - what it is like to struggle and not know how to feel like you’re in charge in your life.  Now, as a Clinical Psychologist, I know that there are psychological therapies that help and that things can change! 


Therapy through Thea can help with: 

  • Anxiety

  • Depression / feeling sad

  • Anger

  • Self-esteem, self-worth and self-confidence

  • People pleasing and perfectionism

  • Relationship difficulties

  • Stress and burnout


If you would like to explore more, or talk about the issues you’re facing and how I can help, I offer free, confidential, 20-minute introductory calls.  Book yours now! 

The introductory call gives us a chance to get to know each more so you can make a decision about whether to start therapy or not.  It’s important that whoever you begin therapy with is someone who feels right to you.  If we do begin therapy, we’ll agree on a regular time to meet online (or face to face, where possible) for 50-minute sessions and usually on a weekly basis.  In our sessions we will come to an understanding of how your issues have come to be and how to take helpful steps to address them.  We will help you to develop the tools you need to feel more self-confident and at ease in yourself and to be freer to call the shots in your own life.

You can read more about therapy at Thea Psychology in our blog.

*By 'women' I am referring to all women, including transgender women 

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